Bancor BNT Cryptocurrency

17.12.2021 05:51
Bancor BNT Cryptocurrency

    Bancor is the name of a token and platform for exchanging cryptocurrencies through smart contracts without the use of trading platforms. Founded in 2017, Bancor is the DeFi industry leader for 2021. It is built on the Ethereum ERC-20 protocol (smart contracts). The goal of the project is to solve the liquidity problem of exchanging Bancor with any compatible altcoins, even unpopular ones.

    The platform and founders

    Bancor cryptocurrency provides conversion of tokens, the blockchain of which is developed on ERC-20 or the EOS standard. It administers self-managed liquidity pools, and also attracts altcoin providers to replenish working capital with payment of remuneration.  All transactions are performed by a chain of smart contracts.

    In simple words, Bancor network coin allows owners of virtual coins to earn in passive mode.  To receive interest, it is enough to buy Bancor, send it to the pool address and hold it to create liquidity (keep it in staking). You can withdraw funds at any time.


    • Herzog, MetaCafe developer with audience of 50 million
    • Levy, co-founder of AppCoin.
    • Guy Benarzi, co-founder of cross-platform gaming platform Mytopia.
    • Galia Benarzi, founder of Particle Code cross-platform for programmers.

    The cryptocurrency BNT is a token of the Bancor Network Token platform. It is intended for internal calculations.

    Bancor (BNT) statistics

    The project has raised about 145 million USD during its initial public offering. At the end of 2021 it has the following indicators:

    • number of BNT holders over 38,000;
    • more than 140 thousand subscribers on Twitter and Reddit;
    • the average daily turnover of token on external platforms is 60-65 million;
    • occupies the 100-110th place in the TOP in terms of capitalization;
    • historical high of 10 USD;
    • emission of 237,269,741 units.

    Staking turnover on the platform is more than 10 billion USD per day.

    The current price is just below 50% of the historical range, and one BNT is valued at 4.0-4.5 USD.  With the upward trend of the crypto market, this is a good level to enter. Such a point of view is reflected by the advisor of short-term and long-term trades, built on the aggregate indicators of 26 popular technical indicators.

    How to get BNT crypto

    The issuance was a one-time thing. There is no mining on the network. You can only buy BNT, although without experience it is either difficult or unprofitable. 

    Distinctive features of the professional platforms are expressed in the following:

    1. specific confusing functionality;
    2. overloaded technical support, the answer from which you can wait from several hours to several days;
    3. long verification procedure of identity, address, and source of funds for transactions.

    99% of online exchangers are not certified. They usually suggest

    1. Unprofitable rate with a difference of up to 10% from the current one. 
    2. The high commission for transactions from 5 to 10 USD.

    As a result, during the operation for 10 thousand rubles up to 15% is lost on unfair cost and commission.

    For beginners there is only one alternative to buy or sell Bancor cryptocurrency - licensed platforms of the new type with depositing services in rubles, dollars, cryptocurrencies and simplified verification like Broex. services include

    1. real quotes;
    2. low commissions up to 1% per transaction;
    3. replenishment without interest;
    4. support of bank cards and alternative payment systems;
    5. custodial wallet;
    6. user-friendly interface in Russian.

    You can exchange, buy or sell BNT in a single window. There is also a button to withdraw BNT. You can use the chart for quick analysis.

    Before you start working on the platform you need to register by entering your password and email. In case of difficulties, you should contact the support chat. An operator will contact you within a few minutes and tell you how to buy or exchange BNT, and to which wallet it is easier to withdraw Bancor. You can communicate with other users of the service in social networks by clicking on the links in the bottom menu of the main page of the website.


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