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01.02.2022 09:57
Token BTCUp

    BTCUP is an unconventional cryptocurrency that allows you to earn more while Bitcoin is growing. It has built-in leverage that increases a user's income if they make the right bid. Let's take a closer look at what BTCUP is and whether it's worth buying into your crypto portfolio.

    What is leverage

    First, let's clarify what leverage is. This tool was developed and implemented into trading platforms for experienced market participants. It increases the risks during trading, but in return allows you to earn more. To understand how leverage works, let's look at an example:

    • the user has 1,000 rubles on his account;
    • he believes that in the near future the price of Bitcoin will increase by 5%;
    • if user will buy 1,000 rubles worth of Bitcoin and his expectations come true, he will earn 5% of 1,000 rubles - that is 50 rubles;
    • however, there is an opportunity to increase profits - to use leverage;
    • the user turns on x10 leverage, and the trading platform gives him money on credit;
    • the user now buys Bitcoins not for 1,000 rubles, but 10 times more - for 10,000 rubles, even though he only has 1,000 rubles on his account;
    • if expectations are met and Bitcoin goes up by 5%, the user will earn not 50 rubles but 10 times more - 500 rubles.

    The flip side of using leverage is increased risk. If the price goes the other way relative to the user's open position, then he will lose money much faster. For example, if Bitcoin fell by 5% in our example, the user would lose 500 rubles - half of his deposit.

    The leverage can be anything. For example, x2 (the risk is doubled - the user would either earn twice as much or lose twice as much) or x50 (the same, but the result increases or decreases 50 times).

    What is BTCUP cryptocurrency

    BTCUP is a cryptocurrency that already has leverage built in. It makes it easier to enter a position. You don't have to go through a complicated leverage connection procedure and perform complicated calculations. If you expect Bitcoin to soar, you can simply buy cryptocurrency BTCUP and your profit will be higher than if you buy Bitcoin itself.

    A special feature of the asset is that the leverage is not fixed. It varies from x1.5 to x4. Accordingly, if you buy BTCUP cryptocurrency and Bitcoin price goes up, you will earn 1.5-4 times more than if you just purchase Bitcoin.

    Is it worth to buy BTCUP

    It is important to keep in mind: BTCUP is an asset for experienced market participants. Of course, no one will stop even a beginner from buying it. But if you find it difficult to understand how it works, it is better to pay attention to the classic instruments of the cryptocurrency market. For example, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other popular assets.

    However, in case you're sure that Bitcoin rate will grow in the nearest future, then you can safely buy BTCUP cryptocurrency - its price will rise even faster. This way, you will increase your profit, though trading with increased risk.

    How to buy BTCUP and other cryptocurrencies

    When choosing a platform on which to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, whether BTCUP or other digital assets, it is important to pay attention to the following parameters:

    • reliability;
    • convenience;
    • ease of use.

    These requirements are met 100% by the licensed exchanger Broex. The company works legally under the supervision of the Estonian state regulator. So, when you use it for storage (Broex is also a wallet) or trading cryptocurrencies, you will have nothing to worry about.

    Advantages of the Broex exchanger:

    1. Low commissions. Starting from 0.1% per transaction. In some cases, there is no commission at all.
    2. Replenishment from 1500 rubles. Buy cryptocurrency BTCUP, as well as other coins, can be for a small amount. Deposit can be made with a bank card or through the system AdvCash.
    3. Technical support in Russian. It works 24/7 with no breaks and no weekends. Even at night you can apply with a problem or question, and get a prompt consultation.
    4. It provides the convenience of using the exchanger on your smartphone. You can buy or sell cryptocurrencies, as well as just go to your personal account from anywhere.

    In addition, Broex has a user-friendly interface, which can be easily mastered even by an inexperienced user. That's why this exchanger is recommended for beginners who want to make everything convenient, as well as reliable.

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