Buy Bitcoin via Sberbank

22.11.2021 09:09
Buy Bitcoin via Sberbank

    Sberbank is the largest bank of the Russian Federation. Most users receive plastic cards through this organization. Therefore, when a person thinks about buying cryptocurrencies, he has a desire to do it through an application that is already familiar and understandable, that is, to buy bitcoin for rubles through Sberbank. Of course, it makes no sense to receive a card from another bank specifically for working with digital assets. All organizations operate according to the same laws and principles.

    Sberbank online is a convenient banking application. It is great for:

    •   paying bills;
    •   transferring money to relatives;
    •   saving money.

    However, it is not possible to make profitable investments through this service. In the application itself you can only open a savings account or a deposit. These are reliable, but low-yielding ways to use capital. Bitcoin allows earning hundreds of percent a year, while you can get no more than 6-7% a year from deposits and savings accounts. 

    In this article, we will figure out what methods of buying bitcoins are available to an ordinary user of Sberbank online, and which one will be the best solution for both permanent trading and a one-time purchase of cryptocurrencies.


    Large trading platforms

    Novice users planning to buy Bitcoin for rubles via Sberbank online first learn about large trading platforms such as Binance, Huobi, Currency and others. These platforms are designed for to conduct transactions between users. If a person buys coins there, it means that at the same moment someone else sells them to him. The platforms themselves earn through commissions.

    Despite the fact that this method is very popular, for beginners in the market it is far from the best. On the listed websites, there are the following features:

    •       a complex interface with a lot of additional functions, which are simply not needed when you plan to just buy Bitcoin using Sberbank online;
    •       the size of commissions varies from site to site, and can be very high, which ‘eats up’ part of the purchased cryptocurrency;
    •       it is not always possible to instantly deposit from a bank card - usually you have to wait for several hours, or even days for the transfer.

    Of course, there are advantages of such platforms - large trading volumes, a lot of users, functionality for convenience of constant trading, but as it was mentioned above, all these advantages are useless for a person who just wants to buy bitcoins. That is why it is better to choose another method for purchasing digital assets.


    Telegram exchangers

    There are bots in the Telegram messenger that exchange rubles for digital assets automatically. This seems to be a very convenient way to buy, and it really is. After all, you only need to specify the amount, send the money, and receive bitcoins to your personal address.

    However, most of such exchangers operate unofficially and are not registered anywhere. This means that if you fall for a scam, or just some glitch happens, and you don't get the cryptocurrency in exchange for your money, there will be no one to complain to.

    Therefore, to buy bitcoins for rubles through Sberbank safely and without the risk of losing money, this method is not suitable, no matter how widely it is advertised, and no matter how creators of bots assure you of their reliability.

    The same applies to buying digital assets directly from people posting private exchange ads. You should not trust such offers as the risk of facimg fraud is too high.


    Exchange services

    Another common way to buy Bitcoin for rubles through Sberbank online is to use special exchange services. They usually have their own website, and they work officially, in accordance with the laws of the country in which they are registered.

    But this does not apply to all such exchangers. Some of them may turn out to be fraudulent. That is why, before using a service, you should make sure that it is officially registered and can operate legally in your country.

    This method is convenient, but for a beginner in this sphere it may be difficult to distinguish a reliable exchanger from a fraudulent one. Also, it is not quite clear whether there is sense in wasting time checking such services, when there is a reliable way to buy, which we will talk about in the next section of this article.

    Besides, the exchange services have a serious drawback - high fees. This applies to almost all websites of this type. The exchange fee can range from 1 to 10 percent of the transaction amount, which is a lot, and will significantly reduce the amount of bitcoins received in the end.

    Some services claim that they have no fees. However, they perform exchanges at a fixed and unfavorable rate for users - you also need to keep that in mind.

    Broex exchanger and cryptocurrency wallet

    The description of this website is placed at the end of the article, so that after considering other options it would be immediately clear why buying through Broex is more convenient and reliable than using other methods.

       Broex combines two main functions – a wallet and an exchanger. Using this platform, you can easily deposit money from your Sberbank card (or the card of any other bank) and almost instantly buy bitcoins.

    Also, since Broex is also a wallet, you will be able to store your purchased cryptocurrency with it. Moreover, a custodial wallet is available to users. This means that Broex itself provides a secure storage of cryptocurrency assets. So, users don't need to spend time and effort on this, which is especially convenient for newcomers to the market.

    It turns out that Broex allows you to first buy Bitcoin through Sberbank online for rubles, and then store it without any extra complications. And if desired, you can also buy other cryptocurrencies, for example, Ethereum.


    Let's consider the main advantages of the exchanger:

    • Official license to conduct business. The company is registered in Estonia and has all the necessary permits. This means that it has the right to provide services to users from Russia and other countries.
    • Simple Russian-speaking interface. The developers have made sure that even novice users can easily master Broex. Therefore, it will take a minimum of time to buy BTC.
    • Low commissions. They make up 0.1% of the transaction amount or less, and in some cases, they are completely absent. This is profitable and allows you to avoid significant losses even with a large number of transactions.
    • The minimum deposit is 1500 rubles. You don't need a lot to buy your first cryptocurrency. This is especially convenient for beginners, because not everyone is ready to invest heavily at once.
    • Russian-language technical support. Everyone can really understand how Broex works. However, if you have any question, or a problem arises, you can easily consult technical support. Operators work around the clock, so you can ask for help even at night or on weekends.

    In addition, you can enter the Broex wallet and use the functions of the exchanger both from your computer or smartphone. It's up to you whether to open the platform website in a browser on a PC, or download a separate app on your mobile device. You can also combine both methods so that you have convenient access to cryptocurrencies anywhere and anytime. 

    Another advantage of Broex is instant crediting of deposited funds. This applies to all methods of replenishment. Therefore, using a Sberbank card to make a deposit, you can buy bitcoins in just a couple of minutes.

    All this makes Broex the best choice for both beginners in the cryptocurrency market and experienced users who are looking for a convenient and reliable way to buy BTC.


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