Aelf (ELF) cryptocurrency

13.12.2021 11:15
Review of cryptocurrency Aelf (ELF): prospects, how to buy quickly and easily

    Aelf started at the end of 2017. Founder Ma Haobo is the CEO of Blockchain and Executive Director of the Global Blockchain Standards Committee. The project team includes famous people in the cryptosphere - Liam Robertson, Kenneth O, J. Michael Arrington.

    Aelf Project Facts

    The goal of Aelf is to create a decentralized Linux/Linux-based operating system for fast processing of any volume of information. ELF is a type of Linux file system and an acronym for Aelf cryptocurrency. ELF format is used to create executable files, libraries, for Linux kernel dumps (saving current information).

    The idea of combining OS and blockchain sparked the interest of large funds like Draper Dragon, U Network, API Capital. As a result, during the ICO 100% of Aelf tokens were sold even before the public offering stage.

    Characteristics of Aelf (ELF) for the 4th quarter of 2021:

    • ERC-20 token standard (on the Etherium network);
    • capitalization of 300 million USD;
    • average daily turnover of 67 million USD;
    • 545 million tokens in circulation out of 1 billion;
    • current price is 0.5-0.6 USD;
    • historical high is 2.77 USD;
    • # 210-220 in the rating of all coins.

    The DPoS mining protocol is when new coins are distributed to Aelf holders. Thus, to regularly receive tokens, it is enough to buy Aelf and leave it stored in a wallet.

    Aelf development and plans

    Ethereum, EOS and NEO are conditional competitors of the project, because the purpose of Aelf is not to capture the leadership in the top of all coins, but to provide corporate and private clients with solutions to scalability problems.

    This task is successfully implemented due to the ability of each Aelf blockchain node to work independently and stably and to connect any number of servers for transaction processing. And also due to compatibility:

    • with DeFi (decentralized finance) networks;
    • with NFT (non-interchangeable tokens);
    • with credit and exchange services.

    Consistent implementation of the plans allows Aelf to grow its number of supporters. By the end of 2021:

    • the number of holders is more than 51,000;
    • followers on Twitter and Reddit are 92 thousand and 33 thousand;
    • the infrastructure around the project is growing.

    Future development plans are to add business solutions and meet the need for fast processing of multiple transactions. The function of ELF cryptocurrency is to pay for the services of a scalable platform. The main goal of the project is to achieve unlimited productivity and security.

    The dynamics of Aelf

    The price dynamics of Aelf cryptocurrency develops synchronously with cryptocurrencies from the top 10.  Medium-term goals:

    1. To overcome the mark of 1 USD.
    2. To reach or exceed the historical maximum of 2.77 USD.

    The current level of 0.5-0.6 USD is a strong support and accumulation zone. If we expect the coin's trend to continue to follow the major cryptocurrencies, Aelf will bring owners a 400% profit within the next year, and in the horizon of 3 years, ELF price can come close to 100 USD.

    A promising ELF token is difficult to buy. The opportunity is presented by professional trading platforms, where it is necessary to go through a long procedure of full verification of your identity, residence address and proof of funds (POF). Things get even more complicated with specific exchanges with confusing interfaces in English or Chinese, where only experienced users know how to buy or withdraw Aelf with WETH (synthetic Ethereum token).  Similar difficulties arise if one needs to sell ELF.

    However, there is an exception - the licensed Broex io service. This is a unique platform with a simple Russian interface, instant transactions and replenishment of a deposit in ordinary currency from a bank card.

    How to buy Aelf on Broex service profitably and reliably

    Broex services:

    • 0% commission on deposit, 1% per financial transaction;
    • buying cryptocurrencies for rubles or US dollars;
    • internal exchange between more than 2 thousand assets;
    • coins and tokens storage in certified wallet;
    • creation of a cryptocurrency portfolio, tracking dynamics;
    • transactions management from the Personal Account.

    Before you start working with Broex, register your profile - add your email, password, and confirm your email. Get a quick simplified verification.

    Algorithm of buying on Broex

    You can buy token on in 2 ways:

    1.   Buy Aelf for US dollars or rubles.
    2.   Exchange Aelf for other cryptocurrencies.

    To buy or exchange ELF, please sign in to your account.

    Open the Assets tab, find ELF (Aelf), and click Buy.

    Select the deposit amount and currency (bank cards supported), and after one minute your token will be in your wallet. 

    If you are already registered with Broex and have a cryptocurrency deposit, exchange other coins to ELF through the form on the left side of the window.

    You can also easily, in 2-3 clicks, sell Aelf for regular currency or withdraw to an external wallet.

    If you have any questions while purchasing, exchanging or withdrawing ELFs, please feel free to use our ‘live’ chat. Technical support will help you sort out any difficulties.


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