Holochain (HOT)

21.12.2021 09:04

    Bitcoin blockchain is called the first generation of cryptography, Ethereum the second, Iota the third. Holochain blockchain clearly belongs to an even more advanced level - the fourth.

    Holo platform overview

    The Holochain project represents a new level of "green" blockchain without the problem of scalability (slowing down when the load grows). Holo's founders are experienced programmers A. Brock and E. Harris-Brown, who have worked on Ceptr, Emerging Leader Labs, Glass Bead Software, Schumacher Center For New Economics.

    The Holo platform is designed to store and present DApps (decentralized applications) created on the Holochain blockchain. The platform has built-in buy-sell functionality for DApps.

    For applications, it is planned to launch:

    1. Hosting, convenient for the needs of ordinary users who are far from blockchain technology.
    2. Peer-to-peer lending system.
    3. Interaction within the platform is carried out through a proprietary HOT token (built on the ERC-20 standard of smart contracts). 

    In figurative terms, the goal of the HOT project is to create a structure for hosts and applications similar to the Airbnb hotel chain or Uber cab service.


    HOT token statistics

    The initial offering of the cryptocurrency Hot took place in 2018, which raised 177.6 billion. Status as of 2021:

    • Return on the token is 1665%;
    • Average daily turnover of 1 billion;
    • place in the top of all coins by capitalization 60-70;
    • The number of token holders is 12 thousand;
    • number of Twitter and Reddit subscribers about 120 thousand.

    The maximum rate of HOT was 0.032 USD. The commission per transaction on the network is about 1%.The project's income is directly related to the increase in the number of applications and the number of programmers, each of whom will need to operate a HOT token. According to the data on the addresses of coin holders, the trend is growing.

    The HOT token is predicted to have a high chance of long-term growth: The project is in line with the global concept of moving away from traditional energy resources that pollute the atmosphere:

    1. Node operation consumes a negligible amount of energy.
    2. The ability to adapt to any transactional load without losing speed is another strong plus.

    A cluster of 26 indicators almost always recommends buying HOT.

    Future HOT price targets can be chosen by correlating the potential of the Holochain platform with real sector technology companies.

    Buying HOT token

    It is not possible to mine HOT cryptocurrency. Mining is not provided. To invest in a promising token, you have to buy it. The only difficulty is the choice of service.

    Today there are very few places where you can quickly, easily and reliably buy HOT at an adequate price and with a reasonable fee:

    1. Exchangers are not licensed. They underestimate the rate and overstate the commission. Overpayment in these services will be up to 15%, not including the commission of the payment provider.
    2. Professional raiding sites do not always work with real currencies. These platforms conduct a long procedure of identity verification, as well as require proof of the legitimacy of the origin of the deposit.

    However, regulated online services of a new type began to appear, which combine the simplicity of exchangers, as well as reliability and the most important functionality of the platforms for traders.

    Certified online exchanges offer

    1. Up-to-date exchange rates and a commission of up to 1%.
    2. Assets in the amount of more than 2 thousand.
    3. Deposit/withdrawal of cryptocurrencies, rubles, US dollars.
    4. Support for bank cards.
    5. Quick simplified user verification.
    6. Custodial wallet (protected by the regulator) to store funds.

    Site that meets the criteria listed above, and at the same time, with Russian-speaking support is one. It is broex.io. This platform is characterized by a simple functionality, which does not confuse even a beginner. You can exchange HOT, buy or sell, as well as input or output in one window.

    To work with the platform, you need to register. You can view the asset chart before making transactions. There is access to cryptocurrency portfolio management and rebalancing in your account.

    Broex technical support answers questions 24/7. It gives feedback within 2-3 minutes. Advises on any issues are given, for example, what type of wallet you can withdraw HOT to.

    If you want to get more information about the convenient Broex service, join the groups on social networks. The links are in the bottom menu of the broex.io homepage.

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