Kyber Network Cryptocurrency

15.12.2021 02:59
Kyber Network Cryptocurrency, KNC

    Kyber Network has been in operation since 2017. Founded by L. Luu (co-founder of SmartPool), V. Tran (formerly managed Linux), and Y. Velner (now CEO of B.Protocol). More than 50 specialists are working in the team. V. Buterin, the creator of Ethereum, consulted on the project at the preparation stage.

    The Kyber project and its features

    Kyber Network is an aggregator of liquidity protocols of all decentralized projects based on ERC-20 algorithm of Ethereum standard:

    • DeFi, decentralized finance, cryptocurrency interest and lending services.
    • DApps, applications built on Ethereum known as smart contracts.
    • DEX, decentralized trading platforms.

    KNC is an acronym for the cryptocurrency Kyber Network. Token holders are in no hurry to sell KNC. The coin gives the right to participate in votes on important issues and manage the network.

    For traders, the capabilities of the Kyber Network provide access to platforms with the best current prices and the minimum spread (the difference between supply and demand for a particular asset).


    Benefits of the Kyber protocol

    Today the Kyber Network is probably the largest liquidity pool with its own reserves, which exclude failures in immediate and failure-free settlements.

    The benefits of the Kyber project are the following:

    • convenient structure for programmers and application developers;
    • efficient use of money with the best prices and the lowest commissions;
    • the project is constantly adding new protocols to its network to optimize performance;
    • Kyber Network cryptocurrency blockchain can be used by any Ethereum-based project.

    Among the applications created on the Kyber blockchain are popular arbitrage programs, which are systems of risk-free earnings on differently directed transactions on the same asset with an average net profit of about 1%.


    KNC Token Statistics

    The total number of Kyber coins in circulation is just under 178 million. The average daily trading volume involving the token is 80 million.

    Indicator reference

    • 200 thousand subscribers in social networks 200;
    • the maximum price reached 2.3;
    • The minimum price was 1.32;
    • 240-250 place in the top cryptocurrencies by capitalization;
    • The KNC price at the end of 2021 is about 2 USD.

    The price dynamics of the coin is stable. KNC cryptocurrency has not undermined the confidence of holders with sudden failures. You can assess the prospect of growth by comparing the token to the outlook for tech stocks.

    Expectations are pretty good. Holders of the coin should not sell the Kyber Network.  Comparisons to Nokia can be neglected. Kyber reflects the development of the entire decentralized finance industry, not a single product. As such, the project is more correctly compared to Apple.

    How to buy KNC token quickly and easily

    Mining of the coin is not provided. The cryptocurrency can only be purchased on specialized platforms, which are required to have the following characteristics:

    • licensed status; 
    • instant KYC verification;
    • low commissions for Kyber Network purchase transaction;
    • Russian-speaking technical support;
    • opportunity to exchange KNC for other crypto-assets;
    • depositing with bank card/ADV cash in rubles/US dollars;
    • instant deposit and withdrawal of Kyber Network;
    • custodial (protected by regulators) wallet.

    One of the few platforms with similar characteristics for buying, withdrawing and exchanging Kyber Network is Broex. Using the services of the platform is very convenient. The interface is intuitive and simple. KNC exchange and purchase operations are in two forms on the Assets page.

    The rate of cryptocurrencies and tokens does not differ from the quotes on the platforms for professional traders. Before you buy or exchange a KNC, you can view the chart by expanding the asset card.

    Tooltips are available on the service. If a new customer has any questions, the support service will advise how to deal or withdraw KNC. You can contact the technical support via live chat or email. You can communicate with other users of the service in social network groups, the links to which are in the bottom menu of

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