Mana Cryptocurrency

14.02.2022 02:33
Mana Cryptocurrency

    Decentraland is a virtual world where users can own real estate, join interests, create art, and much more. Conventionally, it can be presented as a social network in 3D-space. MANA is the cryptocurrency of the project. It is used to buy goods, vote for community development proposals, and other internal tasks.

    What are the experts' predictions about Decentraland (MANA), how to buy the token, and whether it is worth doing - read below.


    The project was co-founded by entrepreneur Ariel Meilich and cryptocurrency developer Esteban Ordano in 2017. However, both subsequently left their posts to allow the community and the virtual world to evolve without their influence. Currently, the founders of Decentraland only act as advisors to be listened to by developers. Meanwhile, the Decentraland Fondation, created specifically for this purpose, is engaged in the improvement of the project.

    By creating the virtual reality platform, Meilich and Ordano wanted to

    • provide a place for everyone to connect, play, and have all sorts of fun from the comfort of their own homes;
    • give the creators of content the opportunity to share it and draw attention to themselves;
    • create a new artistic environment where companies and individuals can do business and interact with the audience.

    They succeeded in achieving their goals - Decentraland became very popular, and the price of its cryptocurrency MANA skyrocketed tenfold in 2021.

    Project Features

    Let's look at some features of the project, so strongly influenced the rate of the cryptocurrency MANA:

    • The virtual world is managed by a decentralized autonomous organization - DAO. The developers only perform the tasks set by the community. In fact, users who choose to buy MANA crypto are given the opportunity to manage the development of Decentraland.
    • Land parcels. The entire world is divided into more than 90,000 plots. Many of them are freely for sale. MANA tokens are used to buy plots, as well as any other items in Decentraland.

    The land plots are used to place gaming spaces, advertising, art exhibitions, and much more. Some users rent out their plots.

    Since users need Decentraland MANA cryptocurrency to perform various actions, especially if it is the purchase of real estate or goods, the price of the token will only grow in the long run. But with one condition - the project itself must not only remain popular, but also regularly attract new users. And so far, it is succeeding.

    How the price of Decentraland MANA token changed

    At the beginning of 2021, the price of MANA crypto was about $0.08 per token. But already in May, the price exceeded $1.5. So in less than six months, users who successfully invested could sell the cryptocurrency for 19 times more than they bought it.

    However, that was only the beginning of the rise. After a prolonged price decline of the entire market, Decentraland's own cryptocurrency reached $5.5 per token in November 2021. Users who didn't sell their coins in May had the opportunity to multiply their investments 68 times this time.


    There are two reasons for this explosive growth of the MANA cryptocurrency:

    • The popularity of the project. Virtual worlds powered by blockchain technology have achieved unprecedented popularity this year. And Decentraland has proven to be one of the most successful projects, and accordingly, the MANA token has also risen in value.
    • Popularization of metaverses by Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and head of Facebook. More about this below.

    Facebook, the company that owns the largest social network, rebranded itself as Meta. This was done to draw attention to the new direction of development. The company is planning to launch its own meta universe. In general, this is the name of virtual worlds similar to Decentraland. In this case, you often need a virtual reality headset to get into these worlds. Meta and Mark Zuckerberg are planning to launch just that kind of metaverse.

    On the background of such a loud announcement from one of the world's largest companies, not only the rate of Decentraland MANA crypto, but all other similar projects increased. Metaverses have become a new trend, and everything associated with them began to rise in value.

    Experts make the following prediction: the price of Decentraland MANA in the long term can reach the price of $5 to $15. And since metaverses have a real chance to become part of many users' lives from different countries, investment in the corresponding cryptocurrencies won't be a mistake.


    Where to Buy MANA Cryptocurrency

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