Polygon (Matic Network)

17.12.2021 05:29
Polygon (Matic Network)

    As the load grows, cryptocurrency networks, including Bitcoin, have difficulties in processing transactions - they cannot scale (adapt to the load). Bitcoin's throughput is only 4 transactions per second and, if demand for coin transfers increases, transaction processing times increase, too. People long familiar with the crypto market remember how in 2017 Bitcoin transactions took several days to process, and it cost about 60 USD to speed up a transfer.

    The purpose of the Polygon platform

    The Polygon (Matic Network) project helped to cope with the crypto market's limited ability to scale. The platform has developed a unique technology by which the cryptocurrencies of one blockchain are safely used in another blockchain and, if necessary, can return to the original blockchain.

    As a result, slow blockchains are offloaded and their users can expect to process transactions in a known and stable timeframe for a low fee.

    The Polygon platform token is called Matic. It is used for settlements between users, payment of transaction fees, and for stacking, a passive earning by receiving remuneration for storing Matic tokens on Matic Network wallets. 

    Some facts about Matic Network

    The importance of the Polygon project is hard to overestimate:

    • Polygon's blockchain is capable of scaling up to millions of transactions per second;
    • In the first 2 years of Polygon's existence, the value of Polygon token has grown by more than 500 times;
    • the transaction fee in the Matic blockchain is less than 0.0001 USD.

    Users have actively supported the project, and as of Q4 2021, Matic ranks 19th in the top of all coins by capitalization.

    Polygon statistics

    The co-founders of the project are business consultant A. Arjun and blockchain developers J. Kanani and S. Nailwal.


    • launch in 2017
    • single issue of 10 billion coins
    • Matic Network blockchain built on ERC-20 (Ethereum smart contract standard)
    • historical high of 2.68 USD;
    • yield since launch over 42,000%;
    • Matic Network's goal is to provide cryptocurrencies with massive, affordable adoption.

    Quotes of the coin are growing actively. As early as Q2 2021, the price of Matic was at 0.4 USD, and as of Q4, Matic is already at 1.9 USD.

    Polygon price prediction

    The number of holders of Matic cryptocoin is steadily and consistently increasing.

    Assumptions about the future quotes of Matic can be made based on the growth forecast of technology companies' shares in real sector.

    How to buy Polygon token

    You can't mine a token. The only way to get to get it is to buy Polygon (Matic) cryptocurrency. For this purpose you need to choose a reliable service with a user-friendly interface and possibility to exchange Matic for rubles or US dollars.

    Broex, a licensed site with a Russian-language interface and convenient modules for cryptocurrency operations,  fulfills the criteria. The following features should be highlighted separately:

    • the possibility to buy, exchange or sell Matic;
    • minimum deposit in USD/RUB equivalent of 1.5 thousand rubles;
    • the commission for the transaction up to 1%;
    • simplified verification on the scan of a document;
    •  instant deposit and withdrawal of Matic in the equivalent of up to 5 thousand euros per month;
    • custodial wallet for storing assets;
    • management of transactions from the Personal Account;
    • connection with technical support via chat/email;

    The functionality of the majority of operations is located on the same page, in the Assets tab. Here you can also expand the chart and get acquainted with the information about the token.

    To use Broex convenient services, it's enough to register an account in the service. Then you will be able to buy, exchange and withdraw cryptocurrency in 2-3 clicks. If you have any questions about how to make or balance a crypto-assets portfolio, which coins should be invested in the first place or how to withdraw Matic to an external wallet, please contact the technical support. You'll get feedback and detailed advice within 2-3 minutes.


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