Augur (REP) cryptocurrency

29.12.2021 14:54
Augur (REP) cryptocurrency

    Augur forecasting project was founded in 2014 by Jack Peterson and Joey Krug. The developers were advised by Vitalik Buterin (creator of Ethereum) and Ron Bernstein (founder of Intrade). REP is a shortened name for Augur. The blockchain is built on the Ethereum ERC-20 smart contract standard.

    The purpose of the Augur platform

    The project is a platform for betting on any events. Directions for earning:

    1. Creating a market (poll) with two outcomes (predictions) on a yes/no principle.
    2. Trading peculiar shares, released on the platform and associated with a particular prediction.

    The greatest prospects for interesting topics.

    Working principle

    The decentralized platform is not subject to censorship. 

    1. Users can create polls on any topic - sports, weather phenomena, tourism, politics, relationships.
    2. To publish a poll (to create a market), it is necessary to deposit a certain amount of money in ETH (Ethereum), to issue electronic shares.
    3. Participants who vote for one or another outcome, buy shares for the cryptocurrency REP, and if they guess correctly, they get a reward, from which the commission to the creator of the poll is withheld.

    In addition, the voters don't have to wait for the outcome of the event, so they can sell Augur-shares and earn if the poll subject is hot and the number of people who want to vote exceeds the number of issued shares.

    REP statistics for 2021

    At the start of the project, 11 million tokens were issued. Currently, the profitability of REP cryptocurrency is 1600%.

    Augur cryptocurrency characteristics:

    • #190-200 place in the ranking of all coins by capitalization;
    • 167,000 followers on Twitter and Reddit ;
    • historical high is 99.8;
    • current price about 25 USD;
    • growth over the last year is about 100%.

    The outlook for further price increases is favorable. Bookmakers, rating projects and services, where bets on financial events are accepted, began to master Augur platform. 

    Prospects for Augur cryptocurrency

    The blockchain project prediction services are already used by:

    • Veil, Blitzpredict Guesser bookmakers;
    • cryptocurrency price betting site Reporters;
    • PdotIndex, a ratings counter for showbiz stars.

    The more real sector companies come to the REP prediction platform, the higher the Augur token price will become. As of today, there has been a steady growth in the number of cryptocurrency holders.

    The technical indicators of the REP chart reflect the cryptocurrency's propensity for impulse fluctuations. A low token price contributes to an active rise in periods of strong rallies of the crypto market. Long-term trend support increases smoothly. The opportunity to buy REP near strong support is given 1-2 times a year.

    How to buy or exchange REP token

    There is no mining of cryptocurrency. The issuance took place only once and in full. Users can buy Augur only through the online service. It is important to choose a reliable, licensed platform with a clear interface in Russian and with a secure wallet, which is controlled by financial regulators.

    Trading platforms have complicated functionality and a long procedure of verifying identity, place of residence and source of income. Most of the online platforms where you can exchange REP, operate in a "grey" field.

    That's why the level of service of Broex certified service can be considered as a new standard. Buying, selling and exchanging all popular crypto-acids on is fast, profitable, without unnecessary complications.

    Features of Broex:

    • the ability to buy for rubles or U.S. dollars;
    • instant deposit with bank card or ADV cash;
    • 40+ cryptocurrencies and more than 2 thousand tokens;
    • minimum deposit of 1.5 thousand rubles;.
    • real quotes;
    • custodial wallet for storing cryptocurrencies;
    • crypto portfolio balance from a Personal Account;
    • 1% transaction fee;
    • KYC with one document in a few minutes.

    You can buy or exchange Augur on one web page. There is also a Withdraw REP button.

    Broex technical support provides quick feedback via email or live chat. It provides answers to questions about how to exchange or sell REPs and helps newcomers to get started and make their first transactions.

    To withdraw Augur you need to install a Metamask wallet supporting ERC-20 tokens on your computer and/or phone. Ledger and Trezor wallets are suitable for hardware devices (flash drive type).

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