Tron (TRX) cryptocurrency

25.01.2022 03:50
Tron (TRX) cryptocurrency

    TRON cryptocurrency (TRX) is part of a decentralized platform that is primarily designed to allow users to share content with each other for free and without restriction. It can be imagined as a social network for publishing, viewing and downloading photos, videos, music, and online games.

    Let's consider in detail what the project is, what are the forecasts of the rate of cryptocurrency TRX, and whether it is worth buying to multiply their own funds.

    Project History

    Blockchain platform TRON (you can learn what blockchain is by following this link) was launched in 2017. Its founder, Justin Sun, stated his main goal as providing everyone with a place where they can distribute content for free without being dependent on intermediaries and government regulators.

    As an example, let's look at the major platform Netflix. It gives millions of users around the world the ability to watch video content for a fee. At the same time:

    • To get content on the platform, it has to meet many requirements.
    • Even if content satisfies the platform's requirements, there's no guarantee that it will be published.
    • Only a small part of the money Netflix receives from users goes to the content creators themselves.

    Of course, there are other platforms where anyone can post videos, such as Youtube. However, these websites collect users' data and use it to make money later.

    TRON is different from these examples. No one collects data from users who receive content from creators. Also, no one takes some of their earnings from the creators of videos and music. User donations go directly into the content creators' wallets.

    TRON's advantages

    The developers of TRON and its cryptocurrency TRX succeeded in creating a robust and very functional blockchain. In fact, it is a full-fledged example of "Web 3.0" - a new stage of the Internet development, where content creators own it and no one parasitizes on their successes.

    However, the project has become popular for other reasons:

    • Speed of transactions. Transfers are almost instantaneous. It usually takes less than a minute for the funds to end up in the recipient's wallet.
    • Low fees. When you transfer funds to TRX or other digital assets running on its blockchain, you'll pay less than a cent per transfer.
    • Ease of use in developing decentralized apps. TRON is not only used to publish content, but also to run many different services, from online stores, to apps through which people exchange things.

    TRON cryptocurrency is also actively used by the developers of online games, casinos and other projects that use money transfers.

    Moreover, not to mention the fact that users and companies can accept TRX as payment for any kind of services. This does not necessarily require using the TRON cryptocurrency itself, the price of which is still unstable. Its blockchain also has stablecoins - currencies whose exchange rate is pegged to the exchange rate of fiat money, such as rubles or dollars.

    How the TRX cryptocurrency price changed

    The price of the cryptocurrency TRON was at its peak in 2018. Then, shortly after its launch, the project gained a lot of popularity, and this factor worked well with the growth of the entire crypto market. But then, from above $0.2, the rate dropped to about $0.02. It didn't change much for several years, sometimes rising to $0.03, but no higher.

    In 2021, during the euphoria of the whole cryptocurrency market, the price of cryptocurrency TRX reached $0.17. Users who bought it in 2020 and sold their coins in time increased their investments 8 times or more. At the moment of writing this article, the coin is trading at $0.07 - $0.08, which is 3-4 times higher than in 2020.


    The prospects of TRON Cryptocurrency

    Experts agree that TRX cryptocurrency is a great option as a long-term investment. According to forecasts, the price of TRON will reach at least $0.5 per coin. This can be facilitated by:

    • The popularization of blockchain. Several thousands of decentralized apps with more than 20 thousand users have already been built on it.
    • Partnerships with corporations. For example, since 2020, TRON has been cooperating with Samsung. Owners of smartphones of this brand can conveniently pay in TRX via the manufacturer's official payment app.
    • Industry development. The price of cryptocurrency TRX, as well as other crypto projects, is highly dependent on the general market mood. It has already become obvious that the industry will grow in the long run, attracting more and more users. That means TRON's exchange rate should grow along with it.
    • No inflation. The number of TRON coins is limited, unlike some other currencies whose blockchains are constantly minting new coins.

    How to Buy TRX Cryptocurrency

    If your predictions about TRON cryptocurrency correspond with the opinion of experts, then you will probably want to invest your funds in it. To do that, you need to find a convenient and, most importantly, reliable exchanger. We suggest using the services of Broex. This is a licensed exchanger with a simple interface and availability even for beginners.

    Buy cryptocurrency TRON (TRX) with Broex - it is fast and profitable, since the exchanger has many advantages:

    • Ease of exchange. It will take you less than a minute to check the current rate and add TRON to your cryptocurrency portfolio.
    • Low commissions. Broex either charges a small commission of 0.1% per transaction or no commission at all.
    • Mobile App. You can access the exchanger from your smartphone. Using the app is as convenient as the web version of the platform.
    • The minimum deposit is 1500 rubles. You can buy TRX cryptocurrency even for a small amount if you are not ready to invest in a big way.

    In case you need expert advice or have a problem using Broex, you can contact the technical support team at any time. It works 24/7. That's why the exchanger can be used comfortably also by beginners who are just starting to learn the cryptocurrency market.

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