Digest (14 Fev 2022 - 20 Fev 2022)

19.02.2022 19:28
Digest (14 Fev 2022 - 20 Fev 2022)


    Project Events



    Sushi launches its NFT collection.



    Gamma announced a strategic partnership with OlympusDAO to provide a way for protocols to bond Uniswap v3 positions.


    BNB Chain

    As of today, Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) will become BNB Chain. A transition that highlights BSC's connection with the BNB token and the BNB ecosystem.



    Youtube is exploring plans to integrate NFTs with its platform.



    OnlyFans jumps into NFT profile pictures.

    OnlyFans, an online subscription platform known for its adult content, has launched a feature for users to display verified NFTs as profile pics, it announced Thursday.



    COW launches new governance token vCOW.



    MakerDAO launches a $10 million bug bounty program on Immunefi.



    BlackRock to offer Ethereum cryptocurrency trading Gitcoin.


    Grants Round

    Gitcoin Grants Round 13 to start soon.



    Ethereum surpassed MasterCard, Home Depot and Nestle in market cap.



    Dopex announces the launch of SSOV-P - Single Staking Put Option Vaults.



    Harmony approved 17 offers in December 2021 to become part of its $300 million ecosystem fund.


    Highlights of the week







    Events for the coming week






    • DexGuru has raised $5M in its second funding round to bring permissionless charting, trading, and analytics.
    • Salad Ventures raises $13.5M to build GuildOS platform for P2E games.
    • Animoca Brands and Brinc launch $30M guildOS for play-to-earn ecosystems.




    10 effective coins of the week

    Assessment combines altcoin price performance relative to bitcoin and social performance.



    Grayscale fund portfolio dynamics



    Bitcoin metrics


    • Stock to flow


    This model views Bitcoin as a commodity comparable to those like gold, silver, or platinum. These commodities are known as "stored value commodities" because they retain their value over time due to their relative scarcity.

    For commodities of value, such as gold, platinum, or silver, a high ratio indicates that they are not primarily consumed for industrial purposes. Instead, much of it is held as a cash hedge, resulting in a higher stock-to-flow ratio.

    A higher ratio indicates that the commodity is becoming increasingly scarce and therefore more valuable as a store of value.



    How to look at the chart?


    In the above chart, the price is overlaid on top of the stock-to-flow ratio line. We can see that the price continues to follow bitcoin's stock-to-flow ratio over time. Thus, the theory suggests that we are able to predict where the price might go by observing the projected stock-to-flow ratio line, which can be calculated because we know the approximate timeline for bitcoin production in the future.

    The colored dots on the price line of this chart show the number of days until the next bitcoin halving event. It's an event during which the reward for mining new blocks is halved, meaning miners get 50% less bitcoins for checking transactions. 


    • BTC OnChain


    Whales have significantly accumulated BTC over the past 7 weeks. Since Dec. 23, addresses with $1,000BTC or more have added a total of $220,000BTC to their wallets, representing the fastest accumulation since September 2019.



    Funding Rates


    Positive funding rates imply that speculators are bullish, and long-traders pay funds to short-traders. 

    Negative funding rates mean that speculators are bearish, and short-traders pay funds to long-traders.



    P.S. Funding rates (0.01%) - black, this is a neutral situation. Funding rates (below 0.01%) - green, this is a bullish situation. Funding rates (above 0.01%) - red, it is a bearish situation. The stronger the bearish or bullish sentiment, the darker the color.

    Off chain data


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