Fantom (FTM)

11.11.2021 06:40
Fantom (FTM)


    Fantom is a decentralized network competing with Ethereum, which solves the scalability problem that is urgent for the blockchain world.  Thanks to its structure and unique technologies, the ecosystem gives an opportunity to carry out up to 300 thousand transactions per second.

    If Ethereum uses one infrastructure to run decentralized applications and this inevitably slows everything down, many other networks can be integrated with Fantom.

     The structure of this blockchain is complex, and it consists of three levels:

    1. The base level of Opera, on which the nodes operate. They verify and confirm these transactions.
    2. OPERA Ware, where transactions take place (data about them are stored in the transaction history) and rewards are distributed.
    3. Opera API, where decentralized applications are created.

     Fantom's consensus algorithm is called Lachesis: it is a developer's idea to provide high throughput for projects.  There is also asynchrony, which means that transactions can be processed at different times.


    Project Team


    As well as a large team of experienced developers - it includes specialists from all over the world.


    Fantom features 





    Fantom's numbers in 2021 are:


    Fantom ICO took place in 2018: as a result, the project attracted $40 million of investment, which was used to further develop and popularize the project.


    Distribution of the total supply of FTM tokens


    Fantom's 3.1 billion tokens, according to project documentation, are distributed as follows:





    So far there are only two questionable incidents connected with the Fantom project:

    1. It turns out that with a large development staff, some tasks are still sent to outsourcers. This means that they are done by other companies, i.e. the team itself will not be able to guarantee the quality of the delegated duties if anything happens.
    2. Once a third of the network stake was in the hands of two validators, which gave them an opportunity to affect and slow down the speed of the network.



    Growth Prospects


    Fantom ranks as follows:

    1. 35th place in the overall rankings;
    2. 15th place in the ecosystem rankings for smart contracts.


    Several factors may suggest that the project is at least credible:

    1. The project has been invited to Dubai Smart City - the developers will participate in the development of a local government project related to the creation of a city of innovative technology.
    2. Fantom collaborates with the South Korean company Food Tech Association.
    3. Developers who use Fantom tools can apply for grants - this is how the project supports ecosystem development.



    According to experts, the growth in the value of the ftm cryptocurrency can reach 210% in the coming years, so it’s quite preferable to buy fantomcoin to get a good profit in the future.



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