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    SuperLAUNCHER is a multifunctional decentralized DAO platform that helps perspective projects to develop. Built-in smart contracts enable them to raise funding in private, seed and IDO rounds: only selected developers can take advantage of this option.

    For investors, it is an excellent option for investing securely in the early stages of startup development. Features of the SuperLAUNCHER platform today:

    1. Campaign schedules;
    2. Geographical restrictions for projects;
    3. Smart contracts for tracking user activity and secure token storage;
    4. Setting deposit limits;
    5. Listing tokens on PancakeSwap, WaultSwap, and ApeSwap;
    6. Soft and Hard Cap;
    7. Multisignature wallet.

    In version 2.0, developers will be able to attract different types of tokens, and investors - to get tokens back in case the project fails.


    The DAO format involves managing the community, which is the main contributor to the development of the platform. The development team prefers to remain anonymous: instead of real people, it has taken the form of bird characters. In total, there are 14 participants.

    Token Application

    Egg or Super Egg is an additional token on the platform with a small issue: a total of 365,000 coins on the BEP-20 standard. LAUNCH holders will be able to receive them and apply for additional redistribution when burned.


    During the IDO funding phase in April 2021, the project raised 1,302 BNB.

    Distribution of the total volume of supply of tokens LAUNCH

    According to the current information on the project website, LAUNCH tokens will be distributed as follows:


    Growth Prospects

    Some technical features add value to the protocol. According to WhitePaper, about 75% of the circulating supply of tokens is involved in the Stake and Earn process with a low entry threshold: one can get started by investing only 100 LAUNCH.

    The platform will have a chance to grow and become more popular if the developers are able to promote worthy projects and meet investors' expectations of the safety and convenience of this format.

    The value of the LAUNCH token according to expert forecasts:

    1. optimistic forecast - $15
    2. Realistic forecast - $9.
    3. Pessimistic forecast - $1.75

    If the project continues to develop under the average scenario, the value of the coin may reach $9 over five years - ±320% of the current price of $2.8.

    Look for LAUNCH on Broex using the search tools - we have value charts and other useful metrics.

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