How to replenish an account with a bank card

30.10.2021 08:58
How to replenish an account with a bank card

    You can replenish your account in our service using traditional payment instruments: bank cards and AdvCash system.

    Today, there are certain rules and limits for carrying out exchange operations in the market - every service has to comply with them to work legally.

    In order to raise the limit for our clients, Broex received a license from the European Union, thanks to which it was raised to 5,000 €.

    Warning: to replenish an account in fiat currency you need to go through a verification procedure, which includes providing your personal data permission and a scanned copy of your ID document. It is fast and secure.


    Replenishment from a bank card


    You can replenish your account using Visa and MasterCard bank cards. Broex's deposit fee is 0%, but the payment gateway can charge a transaction fee.

    To top up your balance, you need to go through verification and select the desired currency on the website. After choosing the card payment option, enter the required data in the window that opens - you do not need to bind the details to the service.

    The time for crediting funds is up to 5 minutes. Also keep in mind the fixed fee of the payment system. Its amount will be seen at the top-up process.

    Broex does not give confidential data of clients to third parties and does not ask for passwords from bank cards and accounts of payment systems.


    Replenishment from AdvCash wallet


    To create a wallet, you need to go to the website of the AdvCash payment system and there

    1.     Select the type of account (personal for individuals);
    2.     Fill in the form: indicate the name and surname in Latin letters, your e-mail and password;
    3.     Confirm the registration by entering the code from the letter in your personal account.

    The final step is choosing the account currency and verification, after which you can easily replenish the account.

    Replenishment through AdvCash in Broex follows the same principle as with a bank card. So, you need to select the currency and the transfer method in the menu that opens.

    As with a bank card, the waiting time for a transfer is up to 5 minutes, Broex's fee is 0%, and the payment gateway fee is calculated automatically. You will see the amount at each stage.

    If you have any questions during the process of replenishing your account, you can contact the support service - the waiting time for an answer is only 2 minutes.

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