BROEX Cryptocurrency Investment App

16.06.2021 13:33
BROEX Cryptocurrency Investment App

    Broex has launched a mobile version of its application allowing users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. This application was designed for all those who want to start investing in digital assets. The application for various Android devices gives access to a broad range of opportunities including investing in cryptocurrencies and other types of transactions with Bitcoin and altcoins.


    How does this application work?

    Broex app works as an investment platform. It was available via the web version previously. The current version of this application is available on smartphones and tablets allowing users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly via a user-friendly interface.

    The application includes some features that were designed for better communication with users. Those features allow investors to use a better interface to make decisions and to conduct deep market real time research. 

    Broex application advantages

    Broex application allows users to manage their cryptocurrency portfolios, to buy and sell digital assets via RUB and to have all the necessary data about the most important market events that are connected to the portfolio dynamics. 

    This app is attractive thanks to its user-friendly interface and 0% hidden commissions that improves user experience for both skilled and novice market participants.

    The launch of the application is an important milestone in Broex project development. The team invites all traders and investors to install the app and to enjoy those new features.


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