Broex trading platform security system

03.06.2021 13:52
Broex trading platform security system | Information for users


    The Broex Trading Platform security system consists of three contours: public, private and secure.

    User funds are kept in private and secure contours. Direct access to these contours is not available to Broex employees. The contours do not communicate with each other directly, the data is located on different servers.

    The information is exchanged between the contours using messages, which can only be decrypted by the recipient of the message.


    Servers containing contour data are located in different geographical locations.

    In case of unauthorized access to the server infrastructure, security protocols are in place, with a list of countermeasures up to physical shutdown of the servers.

    Security monitoring is ongoing.


    Users' cryptocurrency is stored on cold wallets with no access to the network.

    The wallets are located in multiple vaults in different locations.

    Servers and vaults are regularly checked and maintained.


    Independent contractors systematically scan all three Broex site contours looking for security weaknesses. Identified issues are fixed with the highest priority.

    Application traffic is handled using SSL/TLS protocols.


    Logins, passwords, and other confidential information are encrypted before being stored in the site database.

    Broex employees are vetted by security before they start working for the team. Business correspondence, passwords, and other data which can affect the operation of the site are encrypted. A password management system is used for employee personal profiles, with all work passwords being changed regularly.

    Broex uses advanced methods to protect data, servers, and software. The Broex security policy meets the security standards of the cryptocurrency industry.

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