Official Binance Exchange Partner

03.06.2021 13:52
Official Binance Exchange Partner launches cooperation with the biggest crypto exchange Binance within the framework of the Binance broker project! This cooperation confirms that our business processes, technologies, and legal part meet the requirements of the leading cryptocurrency exchange. Apart from the fact that Binance gave us the highest rank, this cooperation will allow us to provide our clients with some significant advantages.

    High security standards

    Today cryptocurrency transactions are a part of our life. However, many traders and investors have the same question about where to store cryptocurrency safely. offers a secure way to store cryptocurrency!

    Part of our customers’ funds is stored in cold wallets. Those are autonomous devices that are not connected to the Internet. The other portion of assets is stored in Binance wallets. This portion is insured from the hack attack, mistake, or any other accidents.

    Liquidity pool

    Our clients can get access to the Binance liquidity pool. This means you can buy a certain amount of the asset you need at a market price. You don’t need to be aware of how the trading platform works or how to analyze charts. You don’t even need to understand how the book of orders works.

    Plenty of currency pairs

    We can easily add any cryptocurrency pairs that are offered by the Binance exchange if our customers need them. They will be available with our additional features that you like! (almost 600 currency pairs including the most popular and liquid tokens to buy and sell). Purchase, sell or store your tokens on


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