Price Changes Notifications – Broex Launches A New Feature

03.06.2021 13:52
Price Changes Notifications

    Now you can be aware of price changes!

    Price change alert is a new feature launched by

    We have prepared a detailed guide for you on how to use price change alerts on our platform.

    This feature allows you to follow the price dynamics without the necessity to monitor the price throughout the day.

    You can set up alerts on each cryptocurrency that is available on our platform.

    The alerts can be sent to:

    1.       Email.
    2.       Browser.
    3.       Telegram account.

    Guide on how to switch the alerts on:

    1.       Go to the Broex website.
    2.       Click the Notifications button.
    3.       Choose Create Notification feature.
    4.       Set up alerts.

    Now you can do the following steps:

    •         Choose cryptocurrency.
    •         Input the price level to reach for the notification to be sent.
    •         Choose how many times the notification will be sent.
    •         Choose the way to receive notifications.

    When it comes to browser or email alerts, they are sent to the email address you indicate or they will pop up in the browser. As for the Telegram notifications, we are going to make some clarifications.

    To add Telegram, you need to:

    1.       Open telegram Broex bot.
    2.       Click the Start button. The bot will ask you to connect your account.
    3.       Write “connect account”, the bot will reply “enter the code to connect the account”.
    4.       Receive the code in the settings.
    5.       Enter the code in Broex bot.
    6.       Enjoy!

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