How to get cryptocurrency for free

03.06.2021 13:52
How to get cryptocurrency for free

    The digital currency market offers many opportunities to make money. One of these opportunities is to get cryptocurrency for free. There are several ways to get digital coins for free. 


    Cryptocurrency can be obtained as a reward for completing simple tasks on a cryptocurrency faucet site, digital coins can be obtained through AirDrop, promotional giveaways when launching a new platform or app. One option to get cryptocurrency in this way is to create a cryptocurrency wallet. 




    The purpose of Airdrop, a free cryptocurrency giveaway by a startup blockchain project, is to draw users' attention to the project during the launch. The giveaway is part of a promotional campaign, and few free coins are given away. It's not easy to find a free giveaway on your own, you need to be aware of the digital currency market news and keep an eye on promising projects so you don't miss the start of Airdrop.


    The AirdropAlert website has information about current giveaways and announcements of future Airdrop. 


    When trying to receive such tokens, the system warns the user and offers to take other tokens.

 , a project of exchanger Coinbase, gives users a small number of digital coins after watching short video tutorials about the currencies promoted by the project. 


    After watching the video, the user will be asked to take a short quiz and invite four other people to watch the video.


    As of May 2021, the resource offers video tutorials on Ampleforth Governance Token, Celo, Graph, NuCypher, Stellar Lumens, Compound, Universal Market Access, Numeraire, Band Protocol, Maker, Filecoin, Algorand, Zcash, EOS, Orchid, Kyber Network, Tezos, Dai, Basic Attention Token, 0x. The original solution, pay per view video tutorials, is only available in Coinbase partner countries.


    DeFi projects on the Ethereum platform use the MuEtcherWallet wallet for an airdrop. The OmiseGO team took advantage of this promotion method. During the airdrop, 5% of OMG tokens were distributed to users.


    It is possible to get digital coins from projects of other blockchain platforms, Neo and Stellar.


    During Airdrop, users are given away low-cost coins from projects with unclear prospects.




    Another way to get cryptocurrency without significant material costs is to perform simple tasks on crane sites. 


    A user needs to follow an advertising link, create an account on the site, and create a wallet. The payouts on the faucet websites are in satoshi, one hundred millionths of a bitcoin. The income from the tasks on the crane site can be increased by taking part in the referral program. A member of the referral programme receives additional bonuses for each new user referred to the site.


    Faucet sites pay in liquid digital currency, but the rewards are not commensurate with the time spent. You can earn no more than a couple of hundred dollars from a faucet site if you actively participate in a referral program. 


    In the past,,, and Moon Bitcoin has offered rewards in digital coins for performing simple tasks. To receive cryptocurrency for completing tasks on these sites, users were required to have a wallet on Coinpot. The last of the three sites, Moon Bitcoin, shut down in February 2021. There are no bona fide participants with stable payouts in the segment at the moment.




    Both options, getting crypto through Airdrop or as payment for completing simple tasks, do not provide a stable income in liquid currency. With Airdrop, the user receives coins with questionable prospects, tasks take a long time to complete, advertisements appear at intervals that are not adequate for the financial outcome. 


    The Broex team, a digital currency investing platform, offers users a different, reasonable option to get paid in a liquid digital currency without wasting time and effort. 


    To do this, the Broex user must create his referral link to the platform, and invite anyone interested to use the link to sign up on the Broex website, from each trade made on the platform site by participants following the link, the user will receive a 20% commission per trade. Profits from Broex referral program, go to the user's account and are shown in his cabinet.




    Of the three options to get crypto for free, the option to participate in Broex referral program has clear advantages. Payments are made in liquid currency, there is no need to sit on sites waiting for ads or to lure gullible users to crane sites.


    If you want to get crypto for free, register on Broex and take part in the referral program.

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