Buy bitcoin via VTB card online

03.06.2021 13:52
Buy bitcoin via VTB card online

    Buying cryptocurrency from an exchange office is easy. The exchange rate is favourable, fees are minimal and the exchange procedure is fast. VTB card is among the payment systems and resources with which you can exchange rubles for bitcoins in most cryptocurrency exchangers.

    For cryptocurrency users from Russia and CIS, there are more than four hundred exchangers. When choosing a suitable exchange office, you should pay attention to the list of available digital currencies and their reserves in addition to the cryptocurrency exchange rate. The availability of cryptocurrency reserves indirectly confirms the reliability of the exchanger. Another criterion for the reliability of an exchanger is the number of payment systems cooperating with the exchanger and their certification. For example, reliable partners of WebMoney payment system have either a personal certificate or merchant's certificate.

    After choosing where the exchange will take place, the user is redirected to the exchanger's page.

    After choosing where the exchange will take place, the user is redirected to the exchanger's page.

    Algorithm for buying cryptocurrencies with a VTB card

    Some exchangers require registration, this is a minimum amount of data - mobile phone number and email. Cryptocurrency exchange services compete with each other. For registered users, exchangers offer participation in referral and loyalty programs, positioning participation in the programs as an advantage over other exchangers.

    After registering, you need to choose an exchange destination, a VTB card number from which to debit rubles and a wallet address where to send the bitcoins, and how much in bitcoins the user wants to buy.

    Having received information about the amount of cryptocurrency to be purchased, the system will automatically calculate how many rubles will be debited from the card. The user enters the e-mail address and proceeds to create the order. Having received the request, the operator of the exchange office will send in response the details of where to send rubles for bitcoins. As soon as the payment goes through, they will send the bitcoins to the address of the cryptocurrency wallet specified by the user. The user will receive the bitcoins to his wallet within 15 minutes from the moment of transferring the rubles to the requisites specified by the exchange office.

    The transaction is completed.

    Where better to buy bitcoin with a VTB card

    Cryptocurrency exchanges do not provide users with additional services other than the exchange of virtual currency units for fiat money. The dynamics of the cryptocurrency market force the cryptocurrency owner to constantly monitor the state of the rate, whether it is growing or declining. Experienced crypto investors get up-to-date information on market conditions from several sources, found through trial and error.

    It is difficult for a novice buyer to navigate the flow of information and make the right decisions. In this case, one should use the services of a service that offers information and additional services needed by a crypto investor in addition to a cryptocurrency exchange.

    In the Russian segment of the cryptocurrency market, Broex platform offers the necessary set of services to support crypto-investors.

    Broex service is focused on users who bought cryptocurrency for the first time. The service makes it possible to buy, sell major cryptocurrencies, withdraw money to a bank card, store funds directly on the platform or transfer them to your own cryptocurrency wallet without the risk of loss, simply and conveniently. With a friendly interface, the user will get full information about the state of the portfolio and the market in general, so that they can keep up with the market situation and the state of their funds without too much effort.

    Broex accepts rubles from VTB bank card for cryptocurrency purchases.

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