How to Buy Bitcoin via Alfa Bank Online

03.06.2021 13:52
How to Buy Bitcoin via Alfa Bank Online

    It is very easy to buy any cryptocurrency via exchange websites. They offer competitive rates, low transaction commissions. Additionally, all transactions are fast. Alfa Bank card is within the range of payment methods that you can use to change RUB into Bitcoins on most cryptocurrency exchange websites.

    Russian cryptocurrency segment includes hundreds of online exchange websites. When choosing an appropriate one, you need to pay attention to the cryptocurrency rate and the range of the available tokens. Cryptocurrency reserves also matter.

    If an exchange website has enough cryptocurrency, this is one of the proofs that there is a reliable place to conduct any types of transactions. Another proof of the reliability is the range of payment services the website cooperates with. This range may include Yandex.Dengi or Webmoney. Yendex.Dengi does a detailed analysis of its partners and requires the full spectrum of documents before making an agreement.

    In case of any suspicious activity, this company stops any further cooperation and prevents the website from conducting any transactions using Yangex.Dengi. When it comes to Webmoney, it is also easy to understand how reliable their partners are. If they have personal or higher attestat, they can be trusted.

    Once you have chosen a reliable exchange website from a list of services cooperating with Alfa bank cards, you can go to its page to start transactions. Some exchange websites require their users to register first. Creating an account takes seconds. You need to provide the company with your name, mobile number or the email address.

    Those cryptocurrency exchange websites have great competition. Users who have already created accounts there can participate in referral programs or loyalty campaigns. Such programs are positioned as an advantage as compared to other services.

    After the registration you need to choose the direction of transaction, enter the number of your Alfa bank card and the wallet address where the Bitcoins will be sent. Finally, you need to indicate the amount of cryptocurrency you want to purchase. Once the system receives all this information, it will automatically calculate how much money to deduct from your card. The user enters the email address and creates the order.

    Upon the receiving of the order, the administration of the website sends the credentials where you need to transfer fiat money to buy Bitcoins. Once the payment is done, the website’s administration sends Bitcoins to the wallet you have indicated previously. The average time of transaction is 15 minutes since the moment the fiat money is deposited to the website’s account.

    The best way to buy Bitcoin using Alfa Bank card

    Cryptocurrency exchange websites do not offer any additional services to their users except exchanging facilities. You can exchange fiat money into cryptocurrencies and do the same in the opposite direction. However, the dynamics of the cryptocurrency market allows token holders to control the market rates and to follow the trends.

    Skilled cryptocurrency investors get actual information about the current market situation via various sources that they have found by trial and error. The beginner cryptocurrency investor will definitely have difficulties in this flow of information and make right decisions. It is better to use services offering cryptocurrency exchange and some additional features that every investor can benefit from.

    Cryptocurrency platform Broex offers such a set of features for all Russian crypto investors. is designed for those users who start their cryptocurrency investment trip. It allows beginner investors to avoid mistakes and to buy/sell cryptocurrencies. Broex customers can withdraw money to their banking cards, hold money on the platform or transfer cryptocurrencies to their own digital wallets.

    A user-friendly interface allows users to get the detailed information about the portfolio and the market in total. This is the best way to be aware of the current state of the investments and the global market situation. accepts RUB via Alfabank credit and debit cards to buy cryptocurrencies.


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