How to Buy Cryptocurrency Via Sberbank

03.06.2021 13:52
How to Buy Cryptocurrency Via Sberbank

    Sberbank offers a wide range of services to private investors. They can buy securities and other assets there. To start investing with this famous Russian bank, you need to fund your account with at least 1,000 RUB. Sberbank customers charged with no fees. They can conduct all operations online.

    Sber Investments offers two main solutions – you can either buy stocks on your own or use ready-made portfolios. The first service is suitable for all those who have already had previous investment experience and are ready to create their own portfolios and rebalance them later. The second option is for all those who start their investment careers. Skilled investors will also find some interesting ideas there.

    To start buying stocks and other securities, you can use Sberbank card. There are plenty of special credit and debit card programs on their official website. Their Sberbank Online and Sberbank Investment applications will give you access to all financial instruments and ready solutions. 

    However, investing with Sberbank has one significant disadvantage! You can’t buy cryptocurrencies directly there.

    If you want to purchase digital assets, you will have to use one of the methods we are going to describe below.

    P2P transactions

    Those are direct transactions between users without any intermediates. They are conducted in the following sequence:

    • A Buyer sends fiat money to the Seller’s card.
    • A Seller sends an amount of cryptocurrency to the Buyer’s crypto wallet. 

    You can find those cryptocurrency sellers on various relevant websites. These transactions can be conducted even between those who know each other. The key advantage of this approach is the there are no intermediates and you don’t need to pay any commission to any third-party platform. However, before you start your first p2p transaction, keep in mind the following:

    • The price is unfavorable in most cases. The sellers are interested in selling their tokens at the highest possible cost.
    • There are risks of being cheated. There are many stories describing cases when sellers disappear after receiving money on their cards. 

    Online exchange websites

    This is a more reliable way to buy cryptocurrencies. By visiting special websites you can find plenty of offers related to Buy/Sell operations. All transactions are normally completed in 30 minutes. Some websites help users to find the best places to exchange cryptocurrencies.

    The main advantage of this approach is that it is very user-friendly. You need to input the volume of the cryptocurrency you want to buy, the wallet address, and your payment method credentials. 

    As for the disadvantages, they are the following:

    • You need to pay fees and commissions for those website services.
    • Lack of cryptocurrencies. Such websites normally offer less than 15 tokes from the Coinmarketcap top. 
    • There are risks of being cheated as those platforms are not regulated. Online exchange websites are more reliable than p2p transactions, they are not registered as a business. The user takes all risks related to the vetting of those platforms.
    • Exchanges

    This method is one of the safest. Buying crypto assets via such exchanges is similar to buying stock via the classic stock market. The only difference is that you are going to deal with cryptocurrencies instead of securities. 

    The advantages of this approach are the following:

    • High liquidity allows you to find the most beneficial pricing offers as well as to buy and sell the most popular cryptocurrencies faster.
    • The great choice of crypto assets allows you to add both famous and cheap tokens to your portfolio.
    • You can place various types of orders including market ones, limit, and stop-limit trades. The latter is designed for experienced traders and investors who want to buy or sell assets for better prices.
    • Cryptocurrency exchanges include various types of derivatives including Bitcoin futures. 

    As for the disadvantages, they are not numerous. The interface of those exchanges is overloaded in most cases, which makes them not the best choice for beginners.

    Investment platforms description based on

    This is the most interesting and beneficial way to buy cryptocurrencies. Those platforms have all those advantages of classic cryptocurrency trading websites. However, Broex and other platforms of this kind have some additional benefits that can be compared to investment solutions brought by professional stock market brokers and banks including Sberbank. offers a modern and user-friendly interface that was designed for either professional and beginner investors. All customers can benefit from a special portfolio creation feature. The platform offers professional solutions for crypto market analysis and research.

    Unlike cryptocurrency exchanges, Broex is a reliable place to invest. All tokens are stored on cold wallets. The company’s employees have no access to them.

    The main Broex pros are:

    1. A rich choice of cryptocurrency assets (more than 30 titles).
    2. Broex accepts credit and debit VISA/Mastercard cards regardless of the country and the bank where they were issued.
    3. Broex is regulated in Canada. Money is stored on separate accounts. Tokens are held on cold wallets.
    4. This platform offers a simple and user-friendly interface. Both beginner and skilled cryptocurrency investors can operate here. 
    5. High transaction speed.
    6. The cryptocurrency price is fixed at the moment of transaction.
    7. Broex is the platform for all those who want to make portfolio investments. The only limitation is that the website is not suitable for complex and high-risk asset speculatory transactions. This is more an advantage than a disadvantage as you can invest money in the most promising tokens.


    Why do cryptocurrency investments are so attractive?

    Blockchain and cryptocurrencies gave stepped far beyond cutting-edge technology description. Bitcoin and altcoins were popular among a limited range of cryptocurrency adepts in the beginning. Currently, famous investors and entrepreneurs talking a lot about those cryptocurrencies. And they confirm their words by the steps they take. 

    Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebookб had plans to launch his own Libra cryptocurrency to use for inner Facebook transactions.

    According to Bill Gates’ opinion, Bitcoin is proof of the cheapest way to conduct money transactions. The famous visioner, entrepreneur and engineer, Elon Musk has invested $1,5 bln into cryptocurrencies via his Tesla company. This was one of the reasons for the first cryptocurrency to boom in the first quarter of 2021. 

    Cryptocurrencies were approved in more than 111 countries already. Many governments allow citizens to store and conduct transactions using cryptocurrencies without any restrictions. 

    Cryptocurrency is not only the way to make transactions faster and cheaper. Fiat currencies’ inflation, which became even more evident during the pandemic, when central banks had to cut rates to 0, is another reason to buy tokens. Most Blockchain projects have an inflation model meaning the tokens become more expensive while fiat currencies become cheaper over time. 

    It is very easy to buy a cryptocurrency as well as to create your own crypto portfolio including the most promising tokens there. You need to create your account and fund it using your credit or debit card.


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