How to Buy Cryptocurrency via Yandex.Dengi

09.06.2021 16:18
How to Buy Cryptocurrency via Yandex.Dengi

    It is easy to buy cryptocurrency via any online exchange platform. They offer competitive rates and low commissions. The transactions are fast. Yandex.Dengi is among those payment methods that you can find in the majority of those cryptocurrency exchange platforms. 

    There are more than 400 online exchange platforms that work in Russia and CIS countries. When choosing an appropriate exchange platform, you should pay attention to the range of available cryptocurrencies and their reserves additionally to the cryptocurrency price. 


    Large cryptocurrency reserves are the indirect proof of the reliability of the exchange platform. Yandex.Dengi chooses partners carefully. Before making an agreement with any cryptocurrency exchange platform, the company has to send the whole set of documents confirming their legal status including company charter, licences etc to Yandex.Dengi.

    Famous payment system monitors the reliability of their partners. In case if Yandex.Dengi suspects a company of some malicious activities they will cancel the cooperation immediately. About 70 cryptocurrency exchange platforms are currently cooperating with Yandex.Dengi. 

    Once you choose a platform that meets all your requirements, you can go to their webpage and create an account there.

    The best place to buy Bitcoin via Yandex.Dengi

    Some online exchange platforms require users to register and to provide them with the minimum set of personal data including mobile number and email. Those cryptocurrency exchange services compete with each other. Users who have created an account, are offered with a referral program and loyalty program. Those features are considered to be the advantage of a particular service as compared to its rivals.

    Once you have created an account, you need to choose the transaction type and provide the platform with your Yandex.Wallet address. it is also necessary to input the crypto wallet address where Bitcoin will be sent and the amount of cryptocurrency to buy. 

    As soon as you provide the system with the information about the amount of the cryptocurrency you want to buy, the exchange platform will automatically calculate the amount of RUB to be deducted from your Yandex.Dengi wallet.

    The user enters his email address and proceeds to the application. Once the administration gets the order, they send the credentials to the user. After the exchange platform receives money, they send cryptocurrency to the wallet you have previously indicated.Those who buy cryptocurrency on those websites for the first time should be ready that their funds will be freezed for 24 hours.

    This is the way to protect users from malicious activities. The user can claim money back within this period. Normally, you can get Bitcoins within 15 minutes after you transfer funds to the exchange platform’s account.

    Cryptocurrency exchange platforms do not offer other services except those they were designed for. You can exchange tokens for fiat money and vice versa there. However, you will have to follow the price dynamics on your own. You will also have to monitor market trends.

    Skilled cryptocurrency investors get actual data from various sources that they have found by trial and error. Novice cryptocurrency users have difficulties trying to analyze the cryptocurrency market on their own as it is not easy to make appropriate decisions in this information flow. They can use online services that provide a broader range of features along with cryptocurrency exchange operations.

    Broex offers such opportunities to their users from Russia and other CIS countries. This investment platform is designed for the users who invest fiat money into cryptocurrencies. allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies without any risks. You can withdraw money on your credit or debit card, store cryptocurrencies on the platform or on your own wallet.

    Thanks to the user-friendly interface you can get all the necessary information about your investment portfolio and the market situation in general. Additionally, Broex provides users with market reviews allowing them to be aware of the cryptocurrency market state. This investment platform accepts RUB allowing you to by any available cryptocurrencies.


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