Top Ten Growing Cryptocurrencies

10.06.2021 16:37
Top Ten Growing Cryptocurrencies

    Not all cryptocurrency market capitalization leaders have shown a sustainable growth during the last month according to the cryptocurrency price changes dynamics. Only four high capitalization tokens were included into the Top 10 for the past 30 days — Ethereum, XRP, Binance Coin and Bitcoin SV. Ethereum added 75.26%, XRP surged for 72.43%, Binance Coin’s price increased for 51.10% while Bitcoin SV added 50.6%.

    Last month was successful for Ethereum as the DeFi activity grew. Ethereum overtook Bitcoin by the number of new active addresses. Miners earnings increased by 60%. Messari analysts confirmed that Ethereum assets are the most profitable in 2020. Ethereum’s 75% growth confirms the fact that the digital “Silver” goes upwards.


    Peter Brandt called XRP a manipulative scam last month. Market participants had no reaction to the words of this guru. Ripple launched a new PayID payment service in June. The potential of this payment system is huge as they may attract more than 100 million users.

    SBI Holding supported Ripple in July as they announced a new fund with 50% Ripple share. Ripple managers has announced a new peering payment platform in the end of July. The users of this platform will be able to pay for their internet shopping activities using XRP.

    Ripple team activities had more impact than Peter Brandt words. XRP had 72.43% monthly growth.

    Binance Coin BNB is an inner Binance ecosystem cryptocurrency that is used as gas for the exchange transactions. You can use BNB to pay for commissions and buy items. BNB 51% growth reflects the effectiveness of the team in promoting new financial and exchange services.

    Last month growth leaders are:

    1. Aave (Lend). This Aave lending service cryptocurrency surged for 115.84%.
    2. ChainLink. The inner Chainlink project cryptocurrency surged for 102%.
    3. Zcash (ZEC). This peering payment system cryptocurrency added 82.17% last month.
    4. Synthetic Network Token (SNX). This token is a part of the platform that creates online assets backed on the real assets price. snx has shown 71.26% growth.
    5. Stellar (XLM). This token is a part of a decentralized cryptocurrency platform connecting banks, payment systems, and people via smart contracts. XLM added 59.21%.
    6. Dogecoin (DOGE). This devencelize token is used for charity purposes. DOGE added 50.9%.

    The last month has shown that there are other tokens that may give you profits. The first cryptocurrency surged for 27.87%. Broex platform offers Ethereum, Binance Coin and ChainLink.

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