Eight Most Influential Crypto Billionaires in 2021 According to Forbes 🔥

11.06.2021 17:00
Eight Most Influential Crypto Billionaires in 2021 According to Forbes 🔥

    Brian Armstrong

    Cryptocurrency wealth: $6.5 billion

    Brian is a cofounder and CEO of Coinbase, which is considered to be one of the biggest US cryptocurrency exchanges. This cryptocurrency website was established in 2021. Armstrong had previous development experience in Airbnb. He was an advisor in Deloitte. Brain is also one of the founders of the University Tutor education program. 

    Sam Bankman-Fried

    Cryptocurrency wealth: $4.5 billion

    Sam is a founder and CEO of the crypto trading Alameda Research company. This platform was launched in 2017. It’s main idea is cryptocurrency trading. Almeda Research manages assets with a total value of $2.5 billion. In 2019 Bankman-Fried created a cryptocurrency exchange called FTX. Sam owns about 50% of the exchange share. THe major part of his wealth is nominated in FTX capital and FTT tokens.

    Chris Larsen

    Cryptocurrency wealth: $2.8 billion

    He is a co-founder and CEO of Ripple Labs, which has developed Ripple cryptocurrency (XRP). THe main idea behind Ripple was to create a payment system that would be the main Swift competitor when it comes to speed of transactions and their costs. Larsen started to develop Ripple in 2012. The major part of his wealth is stored in XRP.

    Michael J. Saylor

    Cryptocurrency wealth: $2 billion

    He is a co-founder and CEO in MicroStrategy. The company has worked since 1989 providing their customers with business analysis services. They also develop mobile software and cloud services. In 2020, MicroStrategy started to invest in cryptocurrency.

    Changpeng Zhao

    Cryptocurrency wealth: $1.9 billion

    The founder and CEO of the famous Binance cryptocurrency exchange. This trading platform has been available since 2017 and is one of the leading in the world by the trading volumes. Changpeng Zhao earned his cryptocurrency wealth faster than all those cryptocurrency billionaires. He made $1.9 billion in less than half a year. Earlier, Changpeng Zhao was working in Blockchain.info and was CTO in OKCoin.

    Cameron Howard Winklevoss and Tyler Howard Winklevoss

    Cryptocurrency wealth: 1.6 billion each

    Gemini cryptocurrency exchange founders were one of the first Bitcoin investors. In 2013 they invested about $11 million in Bitcoin. In 2017 they became the first publicly known Bitcoin billionaires. Tyler Howard Winklevoss and Cameron Howard Winklevoss are famous for their litigation with Mark Zuckerberg. They accused the latter for stealing their social media website idea. In 2009 Zuckergberg paid $65 million to twins by court order.

    Barry Silbert

    He is a founder and CEO of Digital Currency Group. The company has been operating since 2015. The main idea of the project is to help cryptocurrency companies to launch and develop various services. Digital Currency Group invests in various Blockchain projects. In 2016 they acquired Coindesk media source. Silbert has founded his private open Bitcoin trust called Bitcoin Investment Trust (BIT). Barry Silbert has previous banking experience. He founded the Second Market platform to attract money into private companies. 

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